Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Raw Banana Fry | Vazhakkai Varuval | Vazhakkai Roast

Today I'm going to share Tamilnadu style Raw Banana Fry. We call vazhakkai Varuval in Tamil. It is a very easy and quick side dish that can be made in nearly no time at all. Its one of my most favourite side dish for rice and it tastes awesome with curd rice. You can also check my other recipes using Raw Banana.
Raw Banana Fry

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Potato Bonda, South Indian Style | Urulai kizhangu Bonda | Aloo Bonda

Potato bonda/ Aloo bonda is a popular South Indian tea time snack recipe. It is prepared with boiled potato mixed with spice mixture and dipped in chickpea batter, deep fried in hot oil and served with coconut chutney and hot tea. There are many versions of making this potato bonda. Here I'm going to share South Indian style spicy version of Potato Bonda.

Here's is the recipe. Scroll down for the Step by Step Pictures and Video Recipe

Potato Bonda / Aloo Bonda

Monday, November 19, 2018

Chickpea Curry , South Indian Style | Channa Gravy / Channa Curry

Today's recipe is South Indian style Chickpeas Curry. This curry / gravy is very mild and it requires very less spice powders only. I didn't add too many masala powders. This is a coconut based gravy with simple and very few ingredients, yet very tasty. This recipe is perfect for those who like a mild flavoured gravy.  It pairs perfect with rice and rotis.

Here's is the recipe. Scroll down for step by step pictures.

Chickpeas Curry

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Pasalakeerai Kadayal | Mashed Red Vine Spinach with Dal | Keerai Masiyal

Today's recipe is Mashed Indian Spinach with Dal, a traditional recipe from Tamilnadu. In tamil we call this as ' Pasalakeerai Paruppu Kadayal'. In English Pasalkeerai is called as various names like Basella alba and also known as Malabar Spinach, Red Vine Spinach, Indian Spinach, Creeping Spinach, Climbing Spinach etc..

Mashed Indian Spinach with Dal

This dark leafy green has lots of healthy benefits. It is more nutritious than any other greens. It is rich in iron and calcium. This spinach can be easily grown at home. It is a creeper plant. Below i have attached the picture of this plant which i have it in my terrace garden.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Ashgourd fry | Ashgourd stir fry | Vellai Poosanikkai fry | Winter melon / White Pumpkin Stirfry

Ash gourd is also called white gourd, winter melon , winter gourd, white pumpkin. It can be used to prepare sambhar, kootu, mor kuzhambu etc. But I always make only sambar with Ashgourd and I have never tried any other recipes with it. But for the first  time i made stir fry with it. This recipe was shared by my neighbour friend. Its her mother' recipe. It is a very very simple recipe and it is a perfect side dish for rice with sambar, rasam, curd.

Ashgourd fry


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