Friday, December 28, 2012

Review : Black Dog Scotch

Recently I got an invitation for reviewing a Malt Beverage " Black Dog Centenary". This is first time I needed to write about an alcohol drink, therefore I thought to chose a known person for me who has an expert knowledge on beverages. From my side, I gladly provided my comments about the look and finish of the bottling and colour.  I would like to share the experience of that expert here.

About Scotch - Unlike any other alcoholic beverages, a scotch whiskey is not made from any molasses, but from grain itself. That's why it is also called as grain whiskey. The mandatory needs are all Scotches are must age in oak barrels for minimum 3 years. Age is usually described in the front sticker of bottle. Higher the age, higher the taste and quality.
There are many things can be written about scotch but this might extend this post to pages. Hence let us stop here and get into "Black Dog Centenary".

Product Story -The birth of the great Scotch Whisky took place over 125 years ago when James MacKinlay of the second generation of the Leith Scotch Whisky blending family launched the masterful whisky by the name of Millard Black Dog. It is said that in the year 1883 Walter Millard, a Scot from the British East India Company came searching for the perfect Scotch and eventually discovered the great taste of this whisky in these misty shores of Scotland. Being a keen angler, Walter Millard named the whisky Black Dog in honour of his favourite salmon fishing fly used in the Spey and Tay rivers of Scotland since the early 19th century.

Black dog Review- As reputation of Scotch presides, being an subtle variant of Black Dog expectation on Black Dog Centenary is large. But, my expert was on heels all over about the goodness of taste, aroma and feel good factor of Black Dog.

First, about the neat packaging and bottling of product. The bottle comes out of the nicely packed box with a majestic look. I appreciate the masculine feel of the bottle. second, the colour is not threatening or too boring, it is gentle amber with a glittering feel. The important aspect is the third - The taste. Generally taste is considered from both nose and tongue buds. Aroma of the Black dog is gentle, doesn't hit strong on the nose, but it is as fragrant as rose would make us to feel. The taste of liquid with bit of bitterness can be compared to a filter coffee. The black dog disappear into mouth as any other light beverages easily without any effort to drink a liquor. The best is hangingness, it doesn't kick you out (it will if you finish half bottle within few minutes though), rather feeling floats around and brings good comfortness inside. It does not bang the head with hammer, if you responsibly enjoy the drink. The last but not least to succeed in India, is cost. The price of the Black Dog is as competitive as product itself.

The only shortcoming is it took sometime for my expert to open the cap of bottle. A tag to inform the open could have been helpful.
Thanks for the expert opinion and thanks Akshay for sending the product.

Note: Don't Drink and Drive, be responsible.


Raksha said...

Review is good.

Maha Gadde said...

its a very 4 a whiskey..nice info.liked d last line.

saurabh mishra said...

To be honest i tried it out, and did not like it one bit, it had too much of graininess in it. very strong somewhat like cheap liquor.
no flavour just strong alchohol
that is the characteristic of UB brand drinks.

comparatively cheaper whiskies like vat69 are much better


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