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  Hi Friends! It's me Valarmathi and I welcome you to my blog Simple and Yummy Recipes.  I happily live in beautiful Bangalore with my husband and my dog- Spike. My interests are cooking, baking, food styling and photography. Apart from writing blog in the leisure hours I listen to music and spend time with my good buddies.

In this life everything turns into to another thing (an alchemy). That's what happened to me also, from a computer engineer I turned to an food enthusiast and food blogger. I consider myself performer of food alchemy who tries to turn a couple of ingredients into a simple and good food.

Birth of my blog :
  When I got married and moved to Bangalore I was wondering how to spend my time efficiently after taking care of home needs. During a chit chat with my husband we came up with a thought 'why don't I start a blog'. I'm a  born foodie and love eating all my life. One fine day I have decided to start a food blog. I started the blog in May 2008. Gradually, this became my passion and fell in love with cooking, food styling and food photography. 

About my Blog :

 Food is Life. Simple and Yummy recipes is elixir of food.

  Simple and Yummy Recipes provides a mixed compilation of North Indian, South Indian, Healthy and Global cuisine. Some of them were passed through generations, some are innovative and some are exploratory recipes. All are tried, tested and provided with detailed notes and photos. Goal of this blog is simple, healthy and visually appealing food. The blog also contains Chinese and Thai recipes.

  Baking has become one of my passion recently and baking recipes started showing up in my blog. Me and My blog would be glad if it creates a hunger for cooking and food photography within everyone who visits the blog.

About Photography:
  I began my experiment with a Sony Handycam and later shifted to a DSLR. Seeing my love and lust for food photography, my husband gifted me a Nikon D3100. I'm using this DSLR since one year. I love photographing food as much as I love cooking. My photographs are featured in Tastespotting and Foodgawker and it is a great honour for me.

 My blog is open for advertising and product promotions, but main focus would be food products/companies.

Enjoy, Have Fun!

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