Monday, May 28, 2012

Review : Bliss Gourmet Boutique

     Bread has been one of the principal forms of food for man from earliest times.People have been consuming this food item for centuries, and it has spread across the globe with various names and forms.
       Bliss Chocolates, India's first luxury chocolate brand has launched its new range of gourmet boutique breads at Gourmet West at the Forum mall, Koramangala and i was invited to sample their new range of signature breads. Armed with Camera and tasty buds, I got dropped into boutique on Friday evening. It was amazing  to see the varieties of breads, pastries and chocolates in all geometrical shapes  of lines, squares, circle and  figures.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Honey and Almond cake

Honey and almond cake - This is one of the easiest cake recipe and also very delicious, moist and dense. The best part about this recipe is that no need beating or bringing the butter to room temperature. Just melt all the wet ingredients in a saucepan and finally add the flour, mix and bake. That's it very easy. When you have a last minute guests then this recipe is just the ticket.

Honey and Almond Cake

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lychee and Mint Juice

Each season brings with it a set of fruits that are very specific to that time of the year. One such fruit during summer is Lychee. When i happened to eat this beautiful fruit for the first time,....i just immediately fell in love with them... as it is so juicy, sweet and delicious. This fruit has become one of my all time favorite fruit. Here i made juice/drink with this fruit. This is very quick to make and a very refreshing drink.


Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Paruppu Thuvaiyal (Lentil Chutney)

Hi friends hope you are all doing great. Today post is about simple chutney recipe for rice. This is mostly served as side dish for rice. When you are short of much vegetables or  don' t have time to make curry/ poriyal for rice .....then this is an excellent choice. This chutney goes very well with variety rice too. I love to have this with rasam rice or even you can have with plain white rice.
Paruppu Thuvayal


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