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Monday, May 28, 2012

Review : Bliss Gourmet Boutique

     Bread has been one of the principal forms of food for man from earliest times.People have been consuming this food item for centuries, and it has spread across the globe with various names and forms.
       Bliss Chocolates, India's first luxury chocolate brand has launched its new range of gourmet boutique breads at Gourmet West at the Forum mall, Koramangala and i was invited to sample their new range of signature breads. Armed with Camera and tasty buds, I got dropped into boutique on Friday evening. It was amazing  to see the varieties of breads, pastries and chocolates in all geometrical shapes  of lines, squares, circle and  figures.

          Mr. Vimal Sharma, Director of Bliss Chocolates pvt ltd and the Chef Gerard Mendis gave a warm welcome to me and my pals. Both gentlemen graciously took us around the boutique to sample their creations. I had chance to understand reputation of Chef Gerard Mendis, who is Chairman Council of Management, Chefs Guild of Lanka  and who is also a master Chocolatier/ Pattissier/ Confectioner and partner of Bliss Chocolates. Having expertise in this field for 35 years, the chef had shown his immense knowledge and rich experience. From the art of creating bread I can clearly see he is man of innovative ideas.

 About Bread Tasting

" If thou tastest a crust of bread, thou tastest all the stars and all the heavens "-Robert Browing

         I tasted few of the bread samples.....and just loved it, the appearance looks great, has lovely texture and was very tasty and soft. There were so many varieties of breads ranging from multi grain breads, burger buns, muffins, croissants and tea cakes. If you are looking to go healthy, they also offer a variety of choices. I tried couple of among them is American Rye bread and other Oatmeal bread. The American Rye bread has a mild sweet flavour in it making it very tasty and this one is one of my favourite.
          The breads at Bliss Gourmet Boutique are freshly baked and moulded into perfection by world class bakers. One highlight about the breads, Bliss uses only finest quality flour and the natural ingredients. I see these people give same focus and commitment to quality of product as they are for business.

About Bliss Chocolates
    .    Where coffee cafes are the order of the day, Bliss attempts to create a market for Chocolate Lounges where one can indulge in Indian made premium chocolates and cakes.Bliss has a comfortable little shop at the ground floor, Forum Mall with full of exotic chocolates, cakes and Desserts. Chef and Vimal,  accompanied us to the chocolate lounge and answered all our questions.
      And now coming to the tasting session, we were served with platter of luxury chocolates and pastries. For the first time I was indulged in chocolate temptations and experienced a whole new concept of chocolate meal. My most favorites was the  Praline Passion - passion fruit puree that opens to a burst of praline infused gananche for a tropical taste sensation. Second is for all the fiery lovers the titillating Chilli Chocolate and finally the Almond Sensation, a rocher made of roasted almond silvers blended to a perfect meal ender. Also there were jeera, masala chai, mint, ginger, cinnamon flavoured chocolates and more.
         Next tried some pastries like Blueberry cheese cake, Dark Chocolate mouse cake,Tiramisu , Strawberry mouse cake. I just absolutely adored by the  Dark Chocolate Mouse cake that was quite rich and full of flavour.They also offer sugar free range of chocolates in which sugar has been substituted with Maltitol. Also deals with customized chocolates and cakes too. Bliss Chocolate speciality lies in the raw chocolate that is sourced from the Belgium which is then hand crafted into exquisite piece of chocolate.I can honestly say it was a sensational journey and i was surprised with the varieties of chocolate, cakes and desserts.
         Bliss Breads and chocolates, were hard hitting your tongue's buds but not on the stomach. I felt light eventhough so much dumped inside me. Once small note that the products are bit expensive but it worth to pay for quality and taste.
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