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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf { Food Tasting and Review }

"If you are cold, tea will warm you. If you are too heated, it will cool you.
      If you are depressed, it will cheer you.  If you are excited, it will calm you." 
                                                                                   -  William Gladstone

Relaxing atmosphere, aroma of coffee beans, Chocolate treats, Gourmet Foods....want all this at one place...... then the place is The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  This year it is celebrating 50 years of heritage and passion for Coffee and Tea. I got an invitation from Coffee Beans and Tea leaf, 1 MG mall, Bangalore to be part of their 50 years of celebrations.

To celebrate the global landmark, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is introducing the 50th Year Anniversary Celebrations across all Coffee Bean& Tea Leaf outlets in India. To add to the celebrations, a new food menu with variety of gourmet and healthy eating options has also been introduced. From all day breakfast, gourmet bites, fresh  bakes, main course to desserts, the new Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf menu is a foodie’s delight offering novel options like Chilly Cheese Baguette, Pizza Curl, Banofee Cake, Silky Chocolate Mousse to name a few.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has also unveiled a new logo on the occasion, which bears the words: “passion for coffee and tea”.

The Coffee : They use the speciality grade Arabic Coffee beans from private estates in East Africa, Latin America and the pacific. They import because the growing conditions in each geographic region have significant impact on the look, taste and smell of the coffee.

The Tea leaf :  CBTL uses only the whole leaf tea, so that it results in most flavourful cup. I was quite fascinated by the pyramid shaped tea bags. They are custom made by CBTL. This shape allows the whole leaves to fully expand providing maximum flavour infusion and the same richness and aroma you savour when brewing your premium tea in an infuser or teapot.

It was interesting to know that each young tea leaves are carefully plucked and then rolled into a large tight pearl. When steeped you can see the tea leaves unfurl, releasing the flavour into the water. 
Don't want to gain extra pounds with your coffee or tea? no problem there is Non Sugar Added option is available.

My Review:
Armed with camera, me and some of my blogger friends gathered there at late afternoon. We were welcomed by Mr Zameer Ahamed, Asst Operational Manager at CBTL. He handed us the tea and coffee guide and explained about the brand. 
Ambiance: It has a pleasing decor and you won't even realize how you ended up with so many hours without getting bored. They also have outdoor seating too.
Oats and Cranberry bar
Coming to the menu, first we served with the starter Oats and Cranberry bar. I simply loved this bar, chewy and mildly sweet and healthy too. The healthy dishes are marked by little red coloured heart in their menu card. Along with i tried the ice blended Coffee - Pure Hazlenut. It was absolutely delicious. All the ice blended drinks are made with skimmed milk.

Then i tried the main course. I tasted Spaghetti Roast Chicken & Pesto Cream served with two garlic breads. The pesto is made with basil. I liked the green colour of the dish. This dish scores full mark. Also i tried the Seasonal Vegetable Lasagne. It also got my full marks. Next i tried 3 Cheese Baguette. It was completely cheesy, definitely kids will love this.

Coffee and Tea tasting:
In Coffee i liked their ice blended coffees rather than cappuccinos. Tried Pure Hazlenut, it was perfectly blended and iced. Tea - i tried the Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl. it was so refreshing and the flavour of the jasmine did not overpower the flavour of the tea. Don't forget to try the Peach Iced Tea, a must try option. A very refreshing tea and perfect for this summer.

Peach Iced Tea
My ratings :
Ambiance : 9/10
Food : 9/10
Service: 9/10
Price : 8/10
A bit expensive, but definitely worth every penny.

CBTL in Bangalore
  • Kormangala, 7th Block
  • 1MG Mal, Opp Taj Vivanta
  • Inorbit Mall, Whitefield
  • Phoenix Market City, Whitefield Road
Website :
This is not a paid review and the views expressed here are completely my own.
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