Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review : Mast Kalandar's Special Navratri Traditional Thalis - CMH Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore

Mast Kalandar doesn't need much introduction. As many of us know the start up of this small north indian fast food restaraunt that provides homely food and its growth to become a known brand. I would like to skip much of that saga.

Couple of days back I and my friends had a chance to taste their new menu for the people who is fasting (Vrat) for Navaratri/Dussera Vrat thali and Utsav thali. One word to say it was awesome!!

I read it somewhere that it is believed that those devotees who perform Navratri fasting will find happiness on earth and will receive ‘moksha.’  I see the happiness about eating good food you will get in Mast Kalandar.

Both thalis are packaged with good stuffs that provides necessary protiens, vitamins and minerals. It is really a healthy and wholesome food. And this too inspite of not using any grains or garlic or ginger (beacause these may be not acceptable for people keeping fasting). Also common salt is not used and instead rock salt or sendha namak also called as upvaas ka namak is used.

The ingredients used to prepare are sourced right from the authentic place of produce and are of high quality. The thali is cooked in a traditional manner to meet the fasting norms during these days.

Below is the list of dishes provide in each thali.

Vrat  Maha Thali
Kuttu Ki Poori | Aloo Ki Sabzi | Paneer ki Sabzi | Kuttu ki Pakodi | Salad | Kele ki Chaat | 
Sabudana Pappad | Makhane ki Kheer | Nariyal Ladoo
Price : Rs 229

Utsav Maha Thali
Shahi Kofta | Pinde Cholle | Aloo Gobhi | Masala Poori | Chota Samosa | Papad | 
Shaker Para | Veggie Pulav | Salad | Raita | Makhane ki Kheer | Nariyal Ladoo
Price Rs:229

If you do fasting for this Navaratri and you stay out of home. Don't go anywhere else to complete your fasting, Mast Kalandar is the stop for you. For people who accompany fasters also need not be disappointed ogling at you fasting friend or relative gulping the dishes, MK provides lot more dishes for those who are not fasting also.

Try out Thali once, I am sure you wont return empty stomach.
The Thali will be served from September 25th onwards.

Happy Navaratri and Durga Puja



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Anonymous said...

Wow! This is too good. Can't wait to visit Mast Kalandar!


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