Wednesday, April 19, 2017

South Indian Lunch Recipes - Lunch Menu #2

Today i am going to share another South Indian lunch menu recipe. As you all know rice is the staple food in South Indian cuisine, so today lunch menu recipe going to be rice and the side-dishes, gravy which is served as an accompaniment for the rice.

South Indian Lunch Recipes

So today's menu for south indian lunch consists of
  • Rasam
  • Green Gram salad ( Recipe below) 
  • Curd
South Indian Lunch Recipes
I have already posted the recipe for sambar, thandukeerai poriyal, raw plantain chips.  Do click the above dish name for the recipe. The procedure for the green stir-fry is applicable to all the greens, hence i have directed the link to another green stir-fry. You can follow the same method for any greens (keerai/ soppu ) to prepare.

Also i have directed the link to drumstick sambar for radish one. It is same procedure and ingredients except the vegetable, instead of drumstick substitute radish and follow the same method

South Indian Lunch Recipes

I will be doing a another separate post for rasam recipe. Once i have done with the post i will link back here. I will share the sprouted green gram salad recipe.

Sprouted Green Gram salad
1/2 cup Sprouted green grams
1 Onion, small sized, finely chopped
1 Tomato, small one, finely chopped
1 large Green chilly, finely chopped
1 tbsp lemon juice
Salt to taste

Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl and serve.

South Indian Lunch recipes

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