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Trader Vic's { Restaurant Review }

Trader Vic's
   Trader Vic's is a Polynesian restaurant which has good comfortable ambience with nice selection of food and a great place to enjoy cocktails and refresh the mood. It has a perfect setting for weekend gateways with friends and family, however avoid the disappoinment if you are in hungry and want to try some fast food and also for the people those who scout for Indian food this is not recommended.


  A few days back me and my blogger friends were invited for Blogger's Round Table at Trader Vic's in Pheonix Market City, Bengaluru. It is a Polynesian themed restaurant and bar which is introduced first time in India. This restaurant is tucked in one corner of the phoneix mall so you can enjoy a cosy and private feeling. It has a chain of restaturant around the world and started in 1934 by Victor Jules. For those who are in interested in understanding Tiki culture and Polynesian restaurant check this wikepedia link.

  The first thing you notice on entering the restaurant is striking decor. The restaurant has a feeling of island living and culture - interesting tiki carvings around, tribal masks spread on one side of the walls, beautiful and elegant woven grass wall coverings as well as polynesian inspired colour palettes, lighting fixtures and furnishings. It has two types of seatings, one is for dinning and the other one is Lounge section. Seats and table are ergonomically designed to sit comfortably. All the areas are illuminated with proper lighting that were not too bright or too low but adequate.

  As soon as we entered the place we were warmly greeted and they showed us the table which was reserved for us in the dinning section.
From left Suffering Bastard, Honolulu Bay, Tiki Bowl
   Now coming to the mouthwatering part of the visit, we were provided individual menu for food and drinks. There were almost 60+ dishes and 200+ drinks in the menu. All the cocktails available there includes Rum, it's a Trader Vic's tradition. We were introduced to Trader Vic's signature cocktail drink, Mai Tai, the original recipe from the trader himself which was invented in 1944. I ordered the suffering bastard which has forthright blend of rums, lime and liquers with an affinity for cucumber. It was served in Trader Vic's signature glassware and it was quite nice drink. They also have introduced Bengaluru's own Mango Taj, this drink has been specially crafted for the opening of Trader Vic's in Bengaluru.

Island Tidbits
  Along with the cocktail we ordered starters like Island Tidbits and Wonton Pyramids. Island tidbbits is an assorted platter of Jalapeno Cheese balls, Crab Rangoons, Chicken wings and Prawns. The crispy prawns has a delectable crunch, tastes good and cooked perfectly. I liked the cheese balls very much which was crisp on outside and melt in mouth inside. Crab Rangoon is one of the most popular appetizer at Trader Vic's, simple yet delicious. But i'm not happy with chicken wings it, it was not quite spicy enough, was very subtle and flavourless.

Wonton Pyramid
Wonton Pyramid
  Another starter Wonton pyramids (see pic Right) stuffed with asian vegetable filling which was good and quite had a nice filling. All the starters were served with the dips called Canton Catchup and Mandarin Mustard.
Kung Pao Chicken
    Then we ordered Kung Pao Chicken - a Chinese classic in Trader Vic's style served with Jasmine Rice. It was mildly spicy, juicy, colorful, nice and tickling on the tongue. (See the pic Left )

From top left clockwise : Chinese Oven,
 9 Spice Half Chicken,
 Salt N Pepper,  All in Vic's Fried Rice
Photobucket    For the main course we ordered All in Trader Vic's fried rice, Thai Green curry and 9 Spice Half Chicken. The all in fried rice has prawns, fish, chicken and topped with poached egg and was served with soy sauce and chilli oil. It was filling and good. The Thai green curry has got some strong flavour which i didnt like.
    Then we had 9 Spice Half Chicken which  has asian slaw, sweet onion dressing and roasted potatoes. The speciality of the recipe is that it is cooked in Chinese tandoori oven which is a slow cooking process. The natural smoke and heat is derived from the seasonal woods. The meats, fowls are suspended from hooks and slowly cooked. And the orders from this section takes at-least 25 minutes and it was clearly told by the waiter, so order accordingly. Guests are allowed to watch this cooking process via demonstrating.
   We were given a complementary cocktail drink towards the end of the meal. Quite surprised by the drink served in large exotic bowl with long straws. It was called Tiki bowl, which has delightful punch of dark and light rums, brandy and almond mixed with orange juice. The extra long straws that helped us to sit in one position and ejoyed the drink without having to bend every once in a while. It was best and fun part of our meal. When you are going with group of friends, the communal drinks are best way to enjoy.
   No meal is complete without a Desert. We ordered Passion Cheesecake, Rum top and Chocolate Nut Tiki. The chocolate nut tiki was just awesome and yummy, the original dessert from the trader himself. The rum top has vanilla icecream, honey crumble drizzled with rum syrup served in a cocktatil glass which was also good.
From left: Chocolate Nut Tiki, Passion Cheese Cake, Rum Top
The setting is lovely, nice, warm and gave the feeling of island culture and puts you in a party mood. The staff were friendly, communicative and attentive. The cocktail menu is outstanding and had quite interesting and fun names. Its is a great place to enjoy cocktatils. Dont miss the communal drinks. The smoked meat from chinese style wood fire oven is different and more interesting. Food was good but quite expensive, Cost Rs.2000 approx. for two Vat and service charges extra. All in all i had a very good dinning experience at Trader Vic's and will definitely go again.

I would like to thank Prachi and Priyanka for inviting me for Blogger's Round Table.

Trader Vic's website link, click here
Trader Vic's, Second Floor, Phoenix Market City, Mahadevapura, Bangalore.

This is not a paid review and the views are expressed here are completely my own.


Chitra said...

Nice review. Hope u all had a gr8 time there :)

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Brilliant stuff!

Lubna Karim said...

It is not like first timer dear....good written review....

Priti S said...

wow that's nice review ...everything looks gud ....am sure you guys had fun

Samantha said...

Food looks delicious and place looks pretty good. Seem like my kind of restaurant. Liked it!!!


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