Monday, February 18, 2013

Review : CP Food's " Five Star Chicken"

 Few days back i got a mail from Priyanka to visit and review about Five Star Chicken at SJR Tech Park. A new joint in town for street food lovers. Me and my blogger friends dropped into SJR Tech park and  Mr . Shankar, five star chicken kiosks owner,SJR Techpark and Mr Sanjeev Pant - Vice President, CP Foods gave a warm welcome to me and my pals. They took us to the food court to sample their  creation.
Shashi's Five Star Chicken Kiosk, SJR Tech Park

Both the gentleman explained the story behind five star chicken. The company behind 5 Star Chicken is none other than the Thailand based - Charoen Pokphand Group, a billion dollar establishment that’s been in the business for over 90 years. Five star chicken business was found in the year 1985 in Thailand. It was a new business under the CP Foods company and since then it has expanded continuously.
Spicy Fingers and Chilly Nuggets
   Mr. Sanjeev explained " why five star chicken and what differentiate it from others". He said Great taste - fusion taste of Indian, Thai and Asian recipes developed by a team of R&D members, Superior Quality - Well established control from farm to fork to ensure consistent quality and food safety, Great Value for Money - as the whole chicken process is highly integrated and managed by directly by us, we are able to pass the benefits of high quality chicken and great value to the end customer. Mr. Sanjeev Pant said their motto is " Chicken for everyone and everywhere ".
Chilly Nuggets
  Bengaluru is the first city to have Five Star Chicken outlets launching across various locations. These outlets offers goodies on-the-go(Take Away). Their outlets do not offer any seating. But in some places they are tied up with the restaurant. In Jeeva Beema Nagar five star chicken has tied up with Spice Hub, Andhra Style restaurant. So you can pick up andhra food with fried chicken. And also the kiosk in SJR Tech Park they serve pastas, rice, sandwiches along with five star chicken dishes.
Crunchy Indian Masala
Five Star Chicken Menu :
Snack Section
  •      Chilly Nugget
  •      Spicy Finger
Main Course
  • Star Amazing ( Thai )
  • Masala Delight ( Indian )
  • Thai Crispy
  • Crunchy Masala
Mr. Sanjeev Pant was saying soon they will be introducing new items to the list.

The Kiosks so far opened in
Ulsoor Road, Old Airport Road, Koramangala, Hennur Road,SJR Tech Park, Jeeva Bheema Nagar Main Road.
Chilly Nuggets and Thai Crispy Chicken
Now coming to tasty session, we were first served with chilly nuggets and spicy finger. The flavour was good and perfectly cooked. They were crunchy on  outside and soft inside.Next we were served main course Thai Crispy and Crunchy Masala. Thai Crispy chicken was better than crunchy masala. I felt both the chicken had less spice and flavour. Crunchy Masala , the Indian style chicken was overcooked and the Indian flavour was completely missing. Lot of tomato ketchup was needed to push the chicken down.
Final Verdict : 
The things i liked about the five star chicken was the presentation of the food, Halal Chicken, portions were big and  reasonable price. But when coming to the tasting part i felt the spice and flavour was less as we Indians used up eating chicken with full of flavour and spice.


Lubna Karim said...

That's an nice have covered everything nicely...nothing to worry about....I sent her the link.....

Raksha said...

wonderful review. Nicely written

Amina said...

nice review... the chicken looks fantastic..

CPFood Bd said...

Hi, No wonder I like the CP fried Chicken. I have not much idea about your place but in my place people love eating CP Food BD. As it comes with cheap prize, nice taste and quality food.


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