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Friday, March 22, 2013

Mad Over Donuts - M.O.D {Food Tasting and Review}

  When i got an invite from Mad Over Donuts, i thought whether i should go or not. Because i never tasted donuts in my life and never thought of buying it even if i pass the outlet/store. I always thought it would be more sugary, rubbery, hard and very sweet. Then i had asked my friends +Lubna Karim  and +Satrupa dash , they said it will be soft and yummy and has less sweet. They also said try once you will love it.Finally i decided i will try donuts atleast once in my lifetime. And you know what, when i tasted it i completely gone mad over donuts.

  We food bloggers were invited for an exclusive gathering at Mad Over Donuts, a Singaporean gourmet donut brand at their recently opened store in Koramangala at 80 feet road. The company already has 46 stores all over India. They currently have a strong foothold in metro cities, with expansion plans of more than double store count by the end of 2013. The company has a unique donut theatre concept. The stores, present dominantly in malls, airports and high streets, are specially designed to showcase the donut-making process and provide a multi-sensory experience for customers.

  We food bloggers were given a short and sweet demo of donut decoration by the chef. My blogger buddies +Deepasri kar  and +Jayashree Mudaliar  tried their hands on donut decoration.

   When you are at MOD store there is a variety of options to choose from. They offer 25 varieties of freshly prepared donut. Basically there are two types of Donuts, one is Ring donuts and the other is Filled Donuts. The offerings at M.O.D are all 100% Eggless and 100% Vegetarian.

  Some of the popular donut varieties are Black and White Barbarian- filled with creamy vanilla custard and dipped in dark chocolate and a scrumptious blend of black and white.  Black Forest Beauty - Beautiful dark chocolate crowned with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry. Double Trouble -Milk chocolate with waves of white chocolate and filled with gooey dark chocolate ganache -your daily double!. For those who dont have sweet tooth they also have introduced savoury delights to tickle your taste buds. Currently they have only three varieties of spicy delights. Mama Mia! - A sprinkle of Italian herbs and sautéed garlic on oodles of cheese. Pi’Dazzled - Cheese and our home-made Napoletana sauce srinkled with chilli flakes and herbs. Spice Surprise - A nice surprise of chilli and cheese...Spicy salsa on a bed of delicious cheese. Also they have introduced mango flavoured donuts like Mango mojo, Yellow Jello etc which are bound to tickle your taste buds this season. They also have bite sized donuts. They also offer hot and cold coffee, cupcakes at the store.
From Right: ChocoBomb, RainbowSurprise, Black Forest Beauty, Dark Knight, Double Trouble, Blush Factor, Cool Blue Ice, BlackWhite Bavarian, SpiceSurprise, Original Sin
  When talking to Mr.Tarak Bhattacharya, COO,Mad Over Donuts said M.O.D Donuts are handmade by their chefs using only the highest quality ingredients around the world which is some are imported from Singapore and go through  strict standards of quality control before they reach customers. Everyday donuts are prepared freshly at their factory and supplied to the stores where the toppings are made and are freshly delivered to customers.

  On another note about the taste, M.O.D donuts are moist, soft, fluffy and bouncy textured. it will tantalise your taste buds and leaves you with a desire for more. Try them and you will fall in love with your first bite :)
  Mad Over Donuts is celebrating its 5 glorious years in India. To celebrate its success with customers, M.O.D has a line up of exciting Aniiversary Special Deals and activities in store for all quests. This week- long celebration across mad Over Donuts stores is from 20th to 26th of march 2013. In addition on 24th March- Anniversary Day, a special cake-cutting ceremony will be held at 5.00 p.m in the 41 stores across India. M.O.D invites all its customers to join the celebration. Donut lovers its Hi5 time.
Donuut Lovers, its Hi5 Time!
Price :

1 Donut : Rs. 50/-
A box of 6 Donuts : Rs. 250/-
A box of 12 Donuts : Rs. 450/-
Bite sized Donuts' gift box : Rs 300 (18 bites )

Mad Over Donuts in Bangalore:
  • Money Centre, 80 feet Road, Koramangala ( opppsite Forum Mall )
  • Garuda Mall, Magrath Road
  • Mantri Square Mall, Malleshswaram
  • Inorbit Mall, Whitefield
  • Orion Mall, Malleshswaram
  • Phoenix Market City Mall, Mahadevapura
They do Door Delivery too.

For more information visit their Website:

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Thank you Vivek and Mad Over Donuts for inviting me.

This is not a paid review and the views expressed here are completely my own.
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