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Friday, October 30, 2015

Review: Hungry Bird Burger from Five Star Chicken

Few days back, I got a chance to review the Hungry bird Burger from Five Star Chicken at Kaggadasapura outlet, which is nearby to my place. Five Star Chicken is one of the fast food chain that offers good value for money. 

These outlets are small and cosy stores tucked in each and every corner of Bangalore. Therefore whenever you feel to relish and try different varieties of fried chicken its always easier for you find out a nearby shop. The brand offers a wide range of chicken recipes in spicy Indian flavours as well as Asian and Thai flavours.

Hngry Bird Burger

When i got a chance to visit such a store few week back, I could understand the store is already popular among the local crowd. I have to wait in a line to get a fried chicken and I could see already few kids started enjoying the meal there.
When i got my order packed it was nicely wrapped in aluminium foil such that the chicken was hot till i return home and open the foil. Also i packed myself with a new burger called " Hungry bird " that caught my eye in the advertisement boards. Being a big fan of popular international brand burger I thought to try this out.

Hungry Bird Burger

Hungry Bird Burger

Hungry Bird Burger is the newly launched product on their menu. The minced chicken patties are made from the chicken breasts and spiced by the dollops of  Five Star Chicken's secret sauce and crumb coated before frying which makes the patties crispier and tasty. The patties are sandwiched between the toasted sesame buns and smeared with mayonnaise and topped with fresh veggies like onion and capsicum. 

The Hungry Bird Burger is priced at Rs.60/- ( exclusive of taxes ) and available across all Five Star Chicken outlets in Bangalore.

Now to say about the Hungry Bird Burger, the bun was fresh and tastier. I could complete the bite within a few bites and it was a really a good bon appetite on that day.
fivestar chicken

After tasting the burger i got a chance to try out the other products also. My all time favourite from fivestar is Crunchy Thai chicken . Also tried other products like chilly nuggets, spicy finger, popcorn chicken which are more kids friendly.

For Aamjanata Five Star Chicken is an easiest nearby outlet to try the taste of fried chicken. They don't need to visit big malls or rush to store located in rush junction to taste the fried chicken. There's probably one near your locality. The best part is that they have developed all the products in their menu according to the local taste and the flavours. It is becoming a strong neighbourhood brand offering chicken at affordable prices for all the customers.

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